Supporting the Success of Individual Physicians, Practices, and Communities.

GLVIPA Board & Staff

Ravindra Bollu, MD

Kidney Care Specialists Valley Kidney

Chief, Division of Nephrology


Jonathan J. Burke, DO

LVPG Family Medicine

Medical Director, Clinical Services, Populytics

LVPHO Associate Medical Director

Brian P. Burlew, MD

LVPG Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

David B. Burmeister, DO, MBA

Chair Department of Emergency and Hospital Medicine

CMO, Coordinated Health and LVHN Tilghman Surgery Center



Joseph Candio, MD

LVPG Internal Medicine-1230 Cedar Crest

Executive Vice Chair, Department of Medicine

Endowed Chair, General Internal Medicine

Secretary, LVPHO

Secretary, GLVIPA

J. John Collins, MD

AAA Anesthesia Associates, LLC

Medical Director, Pre-Admission Testing and Same Day Unit

William G. Combs, MD

LVPG Cardiology-1250 Cedar Crest

Director of Interventional Cardiology

Medical Director, Structural Heart Program Lehigh Valley Heart Institute

Travis C. Dayon, MD

LVPG Obstetrics and Gynecology - Laurys Station

Associate Practice Leader

Chief, Division of Obstetrics

Wayne E. Dubov, MD

LVPG Physiatry

Director of Acute Rehabilitation Consultative Services

Medical Director, Stroke Rehabilitation


James J. Freeman, DO

Internal Medicine

Michael R. Goldner, DO, FACP

LVPG Hospital Medicine at Muhlenberg

Vice Chair, Department of Medicine (LVH-M)

Amy L. Gourniak, DO

Parkland Family Health Center

Joseph A. Habig II, MD

Family Medicine

LVPHO Medical Director

Ahmed M. Hasan, MD, MPH, FACG, FACP

Lehigh Gastroenterology Associates, LLC


Sean M. Heffelfinger, MD

Family Medicine

Hilary Koprowski II, MD

LVPG Ear Nose & Throat - Pond Road

Glenn S. Kratzer

Emeritus Advisory Staff

Donald L. Levick, MD, MBA, CPE, FHIMSS

LVPG Pediatrics-Trexlertown


Past President Medical Staff LVHN

Mark J. Lobitz, DO, CMD, PC

Family Medicine

Past President Medical Staff

Daniel J. Makowski, DO

LVPG Cardiology - 1250 Cedar Crest

James W. Manley, DO

Lehigh Valley Family Practice Associates, LLP

Chair, LVPHO Board of Trustees


Oscar A. Morffi, MD

Lehigh Valley Pediatric Associates, Inc.

Vice Chair & Treasurer, GLVIPA

Renee D. Morrow-Connelly, DO, FAAP

LVPG Pediatrics-Laurys Station

Physician Site Leader

Bindi Patel, MD

LVPG Family Medicine-1251 Cedar Crest

Dilipkumar J. Patel, MD

Pulmonary Medicine

Scott A.Rice, MD

LVPG Pediatrics-Fogelsville

Physician Site Leader

Kenneth G. Ryder Jr., MD

Family Medicine

Charles J. Scagliotti, MD

Emeritus Advisory Staff

Usman Shah, MD

LVPG Hematology Oncology-1240 Cedar Crest

Chief, Division of Hematology-Medical Oncology, Cancer Institute

Jennifer Stephens, DO, MBA, FACP

LVPG Internal Medicine - Fogelsville

Chief Medical Officer, LVPG Quality, Patient Safety & Value Based Care


Rajender S. Totlani, MD

Lehigh Valley Pediatric Associates, Inc.

Ammar Abbasi, MD

Outpatient Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Ann Brotzman, DO

Internal Medicine & Primary Care

Shadi Jarjous, MD, MBA

Hospital Medicine