Supporting the Success of Individual Physicians, Practices, and Communities.


Strength In Numbers for Independent and In-Network Physicians and Practices  

Given the sweeping changes in American health care and provider compensation models, it is more essential than ever for physicians to stand united in the mutual support of our professional ideals—chief among them, the continued delivery of quality care for patients. 

As the Greater Lehigh Valley region’s largest physician-led organization of independent and in-network providers, the GLVIPA provides members with multiple career-enhancing opportunities, including: 

A UNITED VOICE in promoting the practice of better medicine, fair compensation for providers and the preservation of a fundamental strength of traditional health care: the trust of the physician/patient relationship.  

CAREER BENEFITS:  Membership in the GLVIPA is necessary to join our affiliated professional organization, the Lehigh Valley Physician Hospital Organization (LVPHO) doing business as Valley Preferred.  This is your doorway to numerous Valley Preferred career-enhancing programs, including participation in the highly successful Achieving Clinical Excellence® (ACE) physician incentive program. 

These are just a few of the many reasons to join the GLVIPA—others include ongoing education, support for payer claims resolution,  network insurance enrollment coordination and opportunities to interact with fellow physicians through GLVIPA committee participation, policy-making and community health initiatives. 

After reviewing our website, please contact us for more facts on the many ways GLVIPA’s “strength in numbers”  can work to improve your practice, your professional future and your patients’ health.