Supporting the Success of Individual Physicians, Practices, and Communities.


The Greater Lehigh Valley Independent Practice Association, Inc. (GLVIPA) was formed in 1993 by a group of local physicians determined to develop workable solutions to the challenges of managed care while providing ongoing support for our community’s physicians and their practices. 

Another formative function of GLVIPA was to serve as the physician representative component of the Lehigh Valley Physician Hospital Organization, Inc. (LVPHO), which was also founded in 1993. 

LVPHO and its preferred provider organization brand--Valley Preferred—are owned and managed in a 50/50 partnership between GLVIPA and Lehigh Valley Health Network. 

For more than two decades, GLVIPA members, practices and our collaborative partners have actively served patients, families, businesses and communities by managing the delivery of health care in a cost-effective and efficient manner. 

Today, GLVIPA has more than 1,100 active physician members and is the largest professional health care provider organization of its kind in our region of Eastern Pennsylvania.